Custom One-Off Parts

Champ's Speedshop offers custom one-off parts.  What we mean by "one-off" is that we have the abilities to design and manufacture one of a kind products from scratch.  Anything from a gas cap, shift knob, or hood ornament, we've got you covered.


The Process


We start your one-off part with a concept stage, we nail down every detail of the part, from what it's purpose is, to materials, manufacturing options, and turn around time.  During this important stage, we can work out all the details and deliver the customer a detailed proposal.  The proposal will include the steps to final delivery or manufacturing process, the material and finish, turn around time, and finally a quote.


Once approved the real fun begins.  We start with gathering as many reference images as possible to help guide us through the design process. Once we have gathered and collected as many reference material as possible we start constructing a crude model of the part and slowly work shape and details into the finished item.

As the design progresses the details will become greater. You can see how this design process can take shape, using the 2016 Cock-A-Snoot Hood Ornament for Bill Stelcher's 29 Model A Speedster as an example.

Slight changes and fixes can be seen between each stage, per our own quality control standards, and customer notes.


Once the designs are finished and approved, we move into the manufacturing stage.  This stage can be drastically different depending on the part we are creating.  This may start from a solid stock of steel turning on a lathe.  Or it could be a 3D printer printing the base model out of a variety of materials to prepare for finishing, or mold prep.  In the case of the Cock-A-Snoot hood ornament, the model was printed in a castable wax and then cast with brass.  From there the brass model was finished off with a beautiful coat of chrome and tapped for attachment to the radiator cap.

From concept to final product.


Included in your quote will be shipping.  All of our one of parts are shipped via UPS and insured for the total cost.  What good would all this hard work be if it never made it to your doorstep?

One-Of-A-Kind Guarantee

At Champ's Speedshop we completely understand that when you request a custom one'off part, it had better be truly One-Of-A-Kind.  We guarantee that after your part has left our shop.  We archive the files, and the part is not available to any other customers, or even ourselves.  Your part will be the only one of its kind guaranteed.

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